Saturday, May 23, 2009

Aina's Art Attack!

Last Friday the kindergarten was having a feast in celebration of Teachers Day! So that Thursday evening, I helped Aina preparing something to present to the teachers, just as a token of appreciation for all their hard works.

I decided to have a go with a quilling technique since it doesn't need so many stuffs just a few coloured paper, double sided tape, Marker and a Pen.

Aina tightly rolling the strip around the handle, from one end to the other. She was really in good in this.

After done all the rollings, I then helped making a flower with it and glued them to the paper. Aina started writing the message.

Writing a signature at the bottom

Then she drew dots at the end of all the letters just to make it more fancy. Go Dotty Aina!!

Re-Write the sentence with nice colourful marker

I even put a used picture frame at the back so it stands

Wallah...the result was brilliant!!
So that Friday Morning I prepared some fried bihun for the feast and Aina handed over the gift to one of the teacher. The teacher said "Wah, cantiknyer Aina buat ker Mama buat?"....She looked at me and said "Sama sama" ...
To all teachers out there "HAPPY TEACHERS DAY!!"


rockrena said...

WAH!!! creativenye anak anjang..nicely done GO AINA!!!!

Aleyn said...

Thank You Anjang!