Saturday, May 22, 2010

7th Anniversary - Edisi Kalumpang

Date : 22nd ~ 24th April 2010

Venue : Kalumpang Resort Hulu Selangor

2nd Place we went for our so called 7th Anniversary Kalumpang Resort. For those who never heard of the place, it is located in Hulu Selangor just before Tanjung Malim. For me it is just 1.5 hour ride from home in Subang.

To be frank I also never heard of the place before, it was introduced by my younger sister and indeed it is such a great place to have a laid back and down to earth holiday. However, this time we were not just the 4 of us, my beloved parents and sisters and brothers were joining too...ok, we can call it a Family Day trip as well...heheh

Alright, lets just go through all the pics and i'll catchup with the story behind it...ok?

Jalan ke resort..nice view ehh

Finally arriving to Kalumpang

My parents and siblings at the entrance

Notice Aina's outfit?..heheh we headed for the trip right after fetching her from kindy

The loyal reception, a cute little full with funny gestures...reminded me of Jack from the Pirates of Caribean

At the chalet, my 2 bros, thinking they are macho guys...uweekkk

Anjang n Aina

Before getting wet, lets take a shoot here...this staires is just right infront of my parents' convenient

Miqhail with Anjang

My cute little boy Miqhail's colddddd....stop it Anjangg!!!

My beloved Mom...looked on ...come on Mom ...join us

That evening...

Back to the room...tak sempat sikat rambut...main game Aina plak

Acu and Ateh tumpang main ek..

The next day

Having breakfast...can't wait to get wet again...

Miqhail n his same age cousin Balqis

Miqhail marching down to the river...careful boy, it's quite steep there

Abang n Miqhail

My sis Liza

Morning greetings from Jack...hehhee...

By the pool

My beloved and the most loving couple...none other than my parents

All set to get soaking wet....

My 2 adorable kids...Aina n Miqhail...

Just look at them...mentang2 single mingle..selamber jer mandi dulu...

My lovely family ...

My mom...still not ready to get wet in the cold freezing water

Mom n Faiz youngest bro

He was actualy shivering when the pic was taken..huhu...

This one also...

Alright for the next 5, bro n sis were posing our heart out...hehehe...

Pose 1

Pose 2

Pose 3

Pose 4

The best pose ever...















Taraaaaaaaa......we were getting ultimate power from the rising sun.....Liza, the princess of the Universe!! ....

Ok...enough posing already...

Prepairing meal in between lunch n dinner....everyone was craving for food by this time ...

My 2 so called macho bros....

3rd Day

Finally, Mom couldn't resist the temptation of cool running water...splush she went

How relaxing

Overall.....Soooo peace and relaxing...aaaahhhhh...
Heaven on Earth

End of 2nd Trip...

Last but not least the 3rd destination for our 7th Anniversary Trip...coming up on next week entry...stay tune


*∽ IZAN ∽* said...

tak pernah dengar gak tempat ni.. memang nampak cam menarik n so peacefull hu hu

Ummu Mishkah said...

a lovely place.. tapi resort tu selalu full booking ah, tempat training mmg cenggitu. Best ler dapat chalet tepi sungai tu!

Lady of Leisure said...

bestnya... air jernihhhhh... syok berendam kan..

Aleyn said...

Highly recommended kalau nak aman damai dan mendengar bunyi air peaceful

Aleyn said...

Haah...memang full book time weekend ..tu yang terpaksa gi ari khamis tuh...huhu

Aleyn said...

Memang best gilerrrrr

fiziskandarz said...

amazing!! saya x penah dgr pun tempat nihs.. tgk sungai tuhs bersihnyer i like! i like! :D

Aleyn said...

Tu lah..akak pun 1st time gak memang best air dia ....