Monday, February 9, 2009

My little idol

If everybody now waiting for the Akademi Fantasia, Malaysian Idol...etc..etc....Well I have got my own idol to watch and comment....hehehe ....Presenting the one and only Miss Aina Azrin!!

Nowadays Aina keeps singing this cute song that she learnt from the kindergarten. She sings it so often that I got to memorize every words. Sometimes she even ask me to sing with her...

She sings a number of songs, new song every week and I realized that she loves singing. Just hope that she has the same passion on reading as well.


fiziskandarz said...

aawww.. how cute!! "2 and 2, 4" hoho! besh besh besh.. anyways kak aleyn, back to ur question the other day, i'm not a parent yet, but a couple of suggestion >

1. raise the bar - "lepas nihs kalu aina nak makan lollipop, u need to eat 2 apples + 2 banana" :P
2. bargain - "disebabkan aina arinihs bangun lambat, ur lollipop is now extended to 3 days" huhu.
3. black mail [ might not be good :P ] - "haa tgk gigi X tu, if u continue to take ur candy at this rate, nanti jadik cam tuh" hohoho

Anonymous said...

I've done the first and the third...haven't thought about the second one...hehee..good idea...Thanks