Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Weekend Outing

The kids were just recovering from flu and mile fever. It has been almost a month since we brought them out sightseeing. We didn't go very far though, afraid that Miqhail would feel uneasy due to his cold.

Actualy this is the second time that I took Miqhail out for a walk. He still not quite used to having to walk in a shoes. At first he didn't want to walk at all. Always wanted to take the shoes off. After a while he could walk a bit faster just because we kept waving goodbye to him for leaving far behind.

Abang persuading him to walk

Getting used to walk with shoes on

Not very long after that he started wandering around the mall not afraid of anything. I had a hard time catching up with his pace. He would stop at nothing. But once he got attracted to something, he would stop and stared for a long time.
Especialy when he met other babies that quite the same age. He would try to make contact with the baby like touching, pointing and at least smile at them. He would do this while mumbling as if the other baby could understand him.


rockrena82 said...

oh i'm so proud of him, my little hero...lepas ni boleh miqhil tolong nenek atuk angkat brg nak pindah umah barukan..

Aleyn said...

Heheh....bleh jer....kena practice angkat dumbel ni...