Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Barber's Corner

Kinda late entry actualy but yet still fresh ...

Aina's hair has gotten a bit too long, actually it is not a problem with me. I always wanted her hair to grow long and beautiful. However, she didn't like to tie her hair. Everytime I tie her hair nicely, after some time she would take it off again. huhu..

So finally I decided to cut her hair to make it neat and simple but yet cute....

First Attempt : Went to Shah Alam Complex ('Manja' Barber shop), Aina's favourite barber. A young Malay lady (forgot the name already). She's very nice. Unfortunately, she was off that day only left a handsome gentleman ready with scisors in his hand. Aina didn't want to cut her hair unless the lady does it. Mission Aborted!!

Second Attemp (First Session) : Went to parents' house for usual weekend visit. Fortunately my younger sister Atika who has a bit of talent in cutting hair was there too. So I kinda took advantage of her and asked her to cut the kids' hair for FREE....hehehe....what a nice big sister eh..

Miqhail couldn't wait to get it finished so he can move around

Third Attempt (Second Session) : Went back home town and their granny gave a piece of her talent in cutting hair....Actualy she's realy good in this also....

Another boring time

Taking a bath to get rid of loose hair

There you go, a new look (Short, Neat and Cute)

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