Thursday, July 16, 2009

Aina's Prayer Lesson

Date : 18/7/2009 (Sat)
Venue : Home Sweet Home

My dear Aina is 5 years old already and so I thought it’s time to give her a prayer lesson. I notice that nowadays she has been reciting out loud the surah which she had learnt at kindergarten and to my surprise she could remember it completely…of course without the Tajwid and all…she would recite as she heard it…I guess I could leave the tajwid behind for this early stage and only stress on it when she is 7.

She has been really concentrative and enthusiastic through out the teaching session. Even when I asked her to redo again and again. She’d done it happily. I’m so glad that she has the desire to learn how to pray and that she loves doing it. After the lesson finished about an hour later, she constantly watching the time and eager waiting for the Azan. And when the time comes, she would take the wudhu herself and put on the praying attire and pray. Once done, she would tell me that she wanted to qadha…(actually she just gave me a reason so that she could continue praying …heheh…My little Angle)

First - Baca niat dan basuh muka 3 times

2nd - Basuh tangan hingga ke siku

3rd - menyapu air ke kepala

4th - cuci telinga

5th - Basuh kedua belah kaki 3 times

Tak sempat nak pakai telekung...tak sabar2 nak solat...takut masa habis katanyer. Adiknyer tu konon2 jadik imam...

Solat dah habis pun imam tak berganjak lagi...canner?
Al Fatihah

Duduk Antara Dua Sujud
To Aina,
Mama harap anak mama akan sentiasa mendirikan solat dan menjadi anak yang solehah. My prayer is always with you my love. Mama and Abah LOVE you so much.


Hot Mummy said...

aleyn, bagusler klau anak2 kita smuani kecik2 dh belajar solat.esok dh besar dia tau solat tu wajib..mmg kita kena ajar dia masuk waktu jer solat, jgn tinggal.

i dh jd follower u, klau sudi silaler follow i balik ok.

Aleyn said...

Orait....thanks for following my blog..appreciate it...

Actualy i pun dah tambah link to your blog...i'll follow it as well...

ARIF said...

seriusly funny story.........well u have a really gifted doughter and son prais to allah al mighty......... hope aina and miqhail will be the solehah and soleh children of yours....amin. ya rabbalallamin......

Aleyn said...

Re : Arif