Sunday, July 12, 2009

Miqhail's First Playground Experience

Date : 11/7/2009 (Sat)
Venue : Playground near home

Actualy I've been wanting to bring the children to the playground every weekend, but everytime got postponed due to unforseen matters. Last Saturday I got the chance. The weather was fine and the children are not down with fever or flu and Aina was overjoyed with the idea of going to the playground.

Last time I brought Miqhail in the stroller and this time he walked all the way there. How fast the time went by. Just love to watch the kids playing happily.

Aina couldn't resist to suck the honey from the flower. I used to do that also when I was a kid her age.

First see-saw ride (a bit scared at first)

His favourite, the slide

Back to the see-saw (it ain't scary anymore)

Trying out on a swing
Sure hope to be able to bring them here every weekend. Got to spare sometime from now on.


mizz aisah said...

kat atas ni link belajar buat snow effect..
slmt mencuba..

btw.. cute la budak2 kat atas tu...

Aleyn said...

Tq...bleh try sat gi

Hot Mummy said...

anak u pun cute2 gak...bestkan dh ada sepasang....singgal sll kt blog i lagi ok

Aleyn said...

kan...rasa cam betul2 complete tol tak...

don't worry i'll visit u every weekend...heheh

Chenta said...

Wah...seronoknya bebudak tuh dpt bermain . Happy jekk .

btw ~ salam ziarah ~

Aleyn said...

Thank you for visiting my blog yang tak seberapa nih...

Sajerk jer nak share pengalaman raise anak2 ngan u..eheheh