Thursday, August 13, 2009

Kenduri Sambut Puasa and the Story Behind

Date : 8/8/2009 ~ 9/8/2009
Venue : Home Town (Temerloh Pahang)

Went back home town last weekend. There was a feast to welcome the coming holy month of Ramadhan. As usual I packed stuffs for me and the kids…abang….he normally packs his own clothings….hehee…thanks abang! …every time when it’s time to ‘balik kampung’…I would be the one to do the packing and trying really hard not to miss out anything… especially crucial stuffs like Miqhail’s milk and traveling kit…and to make things worse….I’m quite a forgetful person…huhuhu

A few snaps ...

The Preparation

Miqhail kepanasan...terus tanggal baju main kat luar
All set...menunggu kehadiran tetamu

Aina dan cousins...sedang mengikut demonstrasi cara membasuh tangan dengan betul

3 dara pingitan

Sempat lagi main nyorok2
Lepas puas main ...baca buku plak....
Semasa Kenduri
Antara tetamu yang hadir
Menu of the Day
1. Kurma daging
2. Gulai Tempoyak Ikan Patin
3. Dalca Ayam
4. Tauchu Nanas
Bahagian kaum wanita di tepi rumah
Aina tak tinggal lagi bukunyer....bagusnyer tengok anak mama membaca
Sesudah Kenduri

Miqhail yang kepenatan lepas main

Proses menyusun semula pinggan mangkuk....oleh kakak iparku ....

Wah macam bersantai di tepian pantai jer lagaknyer...

Seperti biasa....Wan yang sungguh prihatin terhadap rambut cucunyer....mesti kena trim punyer....

Anyway, what I really wanna blog in this entry are the things that happened during my stay there….things that had struck me and things that kept me thinking….Read on

She’s Sad I’m Sad
Aina was playing with her cousins which are older like 2 years. They were like having a make-believe class room and the teacher was asking the kids to draw and then colour the drawing. Once finished, the teacher would do the marking by giving points in the forms of Stars…. After which, the students submitted their drawings with all the colourings…From my spot, I could see that they’ve done a good job with all the colorful pictures. Aina drew a big wooden house complete with a wooden step ladder… It was nice and colourful….she happily passed the drawing to the so called small teacher…heheh…the teacher collected all the drawings and went somewhere to give marks…she tried carefully not to reveal the marks to the student just yet…..ala-ala kuiz la kot…

Aina was patiently waiting for her marks and wondering how many stars she’s gonna get….finally the teacher had completed the markings and passed back all the drawings to the students…while doing this, the teacher called out the names and the number of stars each students got…the number of stars ranging from 1 to 5….and Aina has got only 3 Stars…. I could see the dismay in her eyes and I felt her sadness for not getting 5 Stars. She didn’t show it to her cousins and just kept quite. But I as a mother just couldn’t let her feeling down like that….somehow I need to cheer her up and give back her self esteem and tell her that she’d done a great job. So I stepped in and pretended that I just saw her drawing….

Me : Wah….Aina ker yang lukis nih?
Aina : Haah….cantek tak ma?
Me : Canteknyer anak mama lukis….ader big house, ader sun, ader trees….hmmm…mama kasi 5 Bintang!
Aina : (Big smiled)….hmmm..Mama Aina nak 10 bleh tak ma?
Me : 10?…ok..Mama kasik 10 Bintang!
Aina : Wow…kita dapat 10 Bintang lah!!! Yeh..yeh..!!

I also complimented the rest of the kids coz they all earned it.

To my dearest Aina,
Mama couldn’t bare to see you sad. Mama will do everything in my power to make you happy the whole life thru becoz Mama loves you so very much. Always Remember That Honey.

A Split Second
I was buzy in the kitchen cooking with mother in law and ‘Biras’. The kids were playing in front of the TV and sometimes they went outside at the balcony. Abang busy collecting ‘kayu api’ for the feast that evening. I left the responsibility of looking after Miqhail to my 12 year old niece (the oldest among them). However every like 5 minutes I would glance through and look at him just to check his whereabouts and what he’s been doing.

Every now and then I would hear his voice shouting or crying or calling his sister. Most of the time, he would come and look for me in the kitchen….(selalunyer nak ngadu pasal ader orang sakat dia….or biler dia terantuk kat mana2…and I would pretend scolding the person and poke at any nearest object….then he would be satisfied and ran back inside heheh….boys…)

I always making sure that the front gates always closed…there are 3 gates all together and it can be opened by any of the kids. The kids are big enough to understand not to go to the street. They would just play at the front yard and sometimes at the back yard where most of grownups were preparing for the feast. I frequently remind them to close back the gate once they open it …

Whilst busy cutting the pumpkin, I realized that I haven’t heard his voice for quite sometime. The last time I checked on him, he was playing at the balcony with his oldest cousin like 2 minutes ago. I was quite sure that he must still be there playing. However I’ve got the feelings of uncertainty and needed to make sure if he really was there. So I put down the knife and walked to the front. Neither I saw him nor the cousin so I went further to the balcony. Panic stroke as soon as I saw one of the gate was opened. As I ran towards the gate, I saw Miqhail was heading towards the street. He was already outside the gate like 5 feet and I quickly called his name hoping that he would look back and stop.

He did look back but instead of stopping, he RAN ahead (dia ingat kita nak main kejar2 ngan dia agaknyer). Realizing that he won’t stop no matter how loud I called his name, I ran as fast as I could to catch him before he reach the road. I really didn’t manage to grab him as he entered the roadway and I thank god that there was no car at that point of time. Alhamdulillah sesangat…

Come to think of it, no matter how close we watch our kids, bad things still could happen if god willing. And the incident really struck me as a mom.

A piece of advice to all parents out there, follow your instincts, listen with your heart and be alert when leaving your child under the care of others. And the rest leave to Him….


fiziskandarz said...

aawwww!! haa xper xper uncle kasik 500 stars!!! xder hal :P [ anwyays saya adalah dengki dgn itu menu kurma dageng huwaaaa dalca ayam huwaaa ] :P

Aleyn said...

kih..kih...sian kat kamu....tak per kali ni kasi dengki sama dia.....