Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Yatie Chomeyl's giveaway - Kisses of Love

Nowadays, has come across so many contests sponsored by generest bloggers out there. Really amazed by the creativity and the effort. Well done you all!!

This one contest sponsored by Ms. Yatie from Feeling called to enter the contest and share selected kissing photo between my beloved hubby and my little prince.

Well here's the thousand meaning kissing picture of my two heroes of all time.

Why I like the picture?

Well it goes like this,

Hubby just came back from office that evening feeling down due to terrible toothache. (Baru lepas cabut gigi kat klinik pagi tuh). So he couldn't talk much but frown usual Miqhail, my son whom soon to be 2 years old will jump up from where ever he is and greet his father with words that no one can translate....

As the two resting on the sofa, hubby's gloomy mood turned to joy while he 'gomoi' his son. Miqhail was laughing his heart out when hubby tickled his body and gave a feel of his short beard at Miqhail's cheek and palms. Followed by a smeared loving kiss on the cheek.

It is MAGIC how our children could simply transform problems into happiness by just being around.

Well there you go, our little moment to be cherished the whole time.

P.s : Happy return to Malaysia to Ms. Yatie and her dear family
P.s.s : Happy Fasting Month to all Muslims.


yatie chomeyl said...

hi there..noted ur entry..good luck :)

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