Friday, January 9, 2009

Aina's First Graduation Day

Am I Dreaming? wait let me pinch my hand....Ouch it hurts!!...Guess I'm not dreaming after all......I am going to my daughter's First Ever CONVOCATION!. How exciting!

The graduation day was held on the 16'th November 2008... at S.R.K Sec. 6 in Kota Damansara......At first I thought she was just going to particapate in the concert because she is just 4 years old and only joined the nursery for 4 months when we moved to our new home in Subang Bestari...It was really a big suprise when she got to wear the graduation robe and hat....

As for the concert ..Aina was participating in one of the performance. Lucky guess anyone?.....hehehe....believe it or not, she was in a 'Dikir Barat'.....I was a bit wondering if she could get on a stage without me......She had been practicing a lot at home and she looked so cute when performing it infront of me....I bet she could do it better when the day comes....And she did!...She was a STAR! ....Thank god for that!....Abang and I are so very proud of her.

Happy Graduation Day my Love!....May you have more convocations in years to come..


love information said...

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Aleyn said...

Thanks a lot