Sunday, January 11, 2009

Good Bye 2008!

Welcome 2009!

It was more or less a good year of 2008, let see what have I accomplished last year, I received the biggest paycheck in my whole life from the company, I got to treat the big family buka puasa at Sheraton, renovated my new home, moved to my new home and Aina started her early education at the nursery. Hmmm...that was a hand full of events I might say....

In celebration of the new year, I and hubby took a 1 day leave to make up the full 5 days off duty. We went back home town in Mentakab Pahang....We weren't planning for any activities though because my mother in law was just recovering from a prolong sickness of cikunkunga (hope I got the spell right). Earlier plan was to bring them (my mother in law, sister in law and her children) over to our new home and to take them sight seeing in KL and klang valey. But it was cancelled because of her health.

Anyways, we did go for a picnic in one of those holidays. We went to Lentang waterfalls, the nearest recreation place from the home......The place was quite nice for a picnic spot. The water was calm and suitable for little children. We didn't go near the waterfall because afraid for the safety of small children huhuhu. Only the bigger children went there and bath their heart out under the waterfall.

The lunch was marvelouse....hehehe...we prepared barbeque chicken....uummmm!...just like in the TV programme "Licence to Grill"....

Miqhail got free tour guide around the place from his cousins.

Changing clothes can be adventures, at least for me because we need to cross over on a hanging bridge to get to the wash room. The nearby toilet was out of water supply at that time so it was the only choice.

I hope this year shall bring more prosperity, happiness and good health to all my family. Amin..


Anonymous said...

wah wah wah kak aleyn! kak aleyn pun dah masuk blogspot kah.. besh nyer besh nyer.. sob sob syoknyer waterfall.. dengki nyer dengki dengki..

Unknown said...

Actualy thanks to Izan...kalau tidak tak tahu pun ader blogspot.....Hi Zaki pun aper kurangnyer...dah tukar selera ke Blogspot jugak kan...tak kisahlah...Zaki nyer FP ker Blogspot ker...akak tetap least once a week...tersangatlah happening with all those beautiful pictures.