Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Walking Lesson

Miqhail is now 1 year and 2 months old and yet still not walking...even though he likes to stand on his two cute feet but to take the first step is so hard to get.

Last night I was busy cooking in the kitchen and I observed that Miqhail was standing quietly behind me...he didn't make a sound and I kept on cooking. I wanted to see how long he could stand and if I got lucky enough to see his first step.

After a while I quietly called Abang and Aina to see his act. Abang quickly called to him and started persuading him to take that first step. By this time, he had been standing on that spot for almost 10 long minutes. Aina was also helping Abang in getting her brother to walk. She even demonstrated to him how to walk. She took one big step in front of him but he didn't take any effort to try at all. So frustrating.
He started to look tired and cried a bit. Eventualy he went down to his knees and back on crawling towards me. Abang looked at me and frowned in despair. I smiled to Abang and said be patient and cherished every moment. He agreed and smiled back.


fiziskandarz said...

aaawww.. cummelnyer 1st step hohohoho.. alaaa.. xder gamba superboy berdiri 10 minutes kaaa? :P

Aleyn said...

Gambar ader tapi blom transfer....cable tinggal kat office...huhuhu...