Saturday, September 18, 2010

Jenayah Zaman Sekarang, Sangat Creatif

Dewasa ni makin banyak dengar kes2 jenayah yang kejam dan tidak berhati perut, paling terkini kes Pembunuhan Kejam Datuk Sosilawati dan 3 rakannyer. Apa lah nak jadi, perasaan tamak haloba begitu kuat di dalam hati hinggakan hilang semua perikemanusiaan.

Just nak share 1 lagi modus operandi terkini semoga kita semua lebih berwaspada dan sentiasa berfikir panjang sebelum bertindak.


Street gangsters use durians to rob women

All durian lovers please take note!
> Dear all,
> My daughter just related this true incident that happen to her friend's mother.
> She was eating breakfast at a makan stall in a wet market. A man
> approached her and asked if she would like to buy some fresh durians.
> Being a durian lover, she said yes. The man then asked her to follow
> him to his stall nearby.
> At his stall, there were lots of durians. The man opened some fruits
> to show her the freshness of the durian. She was quite taken aback
> that he opened quite a few, so she said only wanted 5 durians.
> Suddenly, the man asked, "What am I going to do with the opened durians?!"
> He insisted that she buy all the opened fruits. At this point, two
> big men with tattoos appeared at the stall.
> The frightened woman decided not to buy and quickly walked to her car.
> But just as she opened the car door, the 'durian seller' came up
> behind her and slammed her door shut!
> He waved the parang he had used to open the durians and demanded RM
> 400 for the 5 durians she had wanted to buy.
> The lady tried to protest about the price, but the man shouted at her,
> waving the parang threateningly close to her head. So, after some
> 'bargaining' (pleading), the three men settled on a price of RM 300
> for five durians!
> This incident happened in Cheras, but a robbery scam can be set up anywhere.
> Beware, because they pretend to be legit traders, and durian sellers
> do carry parangs in broad daylight, so they have an alibi. If the
> cops show up, they'd just deny everything.
> Times are hard now, and criminals are cooking up creative ways to rob
> the more vulnerable ones in surprising ways.


Take Care uolls