Saturday, February 20, 2010

All about My Girl

My little girl is about to turn 6 very soon, and a lot of changes about her that I better jot down here to be
Cherished and Remembered …..

1. From "Ribbons and Curls" to "Perfume and Makeup"

She is now very interested in Jewelries and Accessories that “Blings”, what ever I wear, she must have 1 just for her, currently she has only Necklace, Anklet (even I don’t have one) and Bracelet. I got 2 sets of Earings for her but she didn’t dare to have her ears pierced ….haven’t got the guts just yet…huhu..

Aaaand, she has becoming a bit Shy with boys….hehehe…shy in a sense of

love-shyness….you know ..the gender factor….i guess that’s good right…at least she knows her limits when being around boys….

There was one day that she came to me showing this beautiful princess picture,

Princess Jasmine from the fairy tale of Aladdin.

She asked me,

Aina : Ma, cantik tak princess ni?
Me : Cantiiikkk, naper Aina tanya?
Aina : Aina nak jadi cam Princess ni, tapi Aina malulah…
Me : (Puzzled)…Malu? Naper lak Aina nak malu?
Aina : (Turning a page after another, looking for 1 particular pic to show to me)….Aina malulah ….sebab ni…(found the page already)…shamelah Mama…(she blushed….she realy was blushing)

Wanna see the pic? Here it is…








O..oh….what should I say if she asks me of why grown ups always kissing (I mean kissing on the lips passionately)…and hugging closely like the one in the pic and in most Western movies….

But somehow she knows that it is not proper to watch….she’ll cover her eyes whenever there is a scene in the movie….hehehe…atta girl!!

And here’s the latest pic she drew….

See what I mean??...Go figure...

2. From "Playfull Toddler" to "Little Miss Witty"

She adapts everything around her…likes to complete homework on time, no delays and no mistakes….I guess most girls are like that…they are more alert when it comes to school matters….unlike some boys I know…hahaha…..

Boys Vs. Girls

At hometown - Study Group...hahaha

Continued after evening bath

Miqhail looks on...hehehe...

Just look how serious they are

This time Miqhail takes a part, atta boy!!

while boys ....






Playing games in hp....huhu

3. From "Cartoon Freaks" to "Glamorous Reality Shows"

Hahaha….you know what I mean….she knows Mila, Akim, Mawi, Adam, …so on and so forth….she memorizes lyrics of hit numbers like ‘Kenangan Terindah (Samson),Bila kau ubah fikiran (Mila), ‘Aku bukanlah Superman (donno.. dont care)’ and the list keeps going on ….

She followed ‘My Starz LG’, ‘Idola Kecil’ and of course ‘Akedemi Fantasia’ just to name a few….

100% Concentration on "My Starz LG - Grand Finale"

Last but not least

She knows Right and Wrong….that’s the most important lesson and knowledge One should have…

Middle of last year, she learnt about ‘Angels’, the names and the jobs for each of them at kindergarten…..I explained more on the job of these 2 Angels ‘Rakib’ and ‘Atid’….I told her that each has an empty book on their hand and whenever she does wrong, Rakib will jot down and whenever she does good, Atid will note it in the book…..

So now, when she does wrong …she’ll quickly apologize and behave …. She’ll be more careful in whatever she is doing….After she apologizes, I always say to her that Rakib has erased the note from the book whilst Atid added the line in his book….hopefully she remembers it forever and that it’ll prevent her from wrongdoings and always do good deeds where ever she goes…

May you grow Wiser and Blessed my child…


*∽ IZAN ∽* said...

kecik-kecik dah terserlah ke'remaja'an nyerrr.. hu hu

Aleyn said...

Sometimes aku rasa cepatnyer lah anak2 ni membesar....

Chenta said...

Betul Aleyn .

Budak2 sekarang nie cepat sangat membesar. Lebih 'pandai' dari kita dolu-dolu kannnns... hehehe

Aleyn said...

Tu lah..rasanyer..kita dolu2 tak reti langsung malu ngan boys ...heheh

Suziey Ahmad said...

p/s:pls confirm attendance for blogger's famili day ok..dateline to confirm is 24th:)

Aleyn said...

Sorry, not able to make it