Friday, December 17, 2010

Nephew's 1st and Granny's 77th Birthday Bash

Date : 5th December 2010 (Sunday)
Venue : Parents' House
Agenda : Birthday Bash
Theme : Soccer

Another Birthday Bash and a Great One too....

This time we celebrated my chubby 1 year old nephew (my little sister's son) and my beloved 77 year old Grandma's Birthday

As usual got few snaps here and there....enjoy!!!

The Food

1. Pulut Kuning + Chicken Curry
2. Fried Beehoon
3. Laksa Asam
4. Pizza
5. Sandwich

 The Birthday Boy

The Birthday Cake

Granny's Birthday Cake from my Parents

The Cake Cutting

"May Izran Hakimi grow Healthy and stay Chubby...hehe"

The Photo Session

"May Atuk blessed with Good Health and Happy Always...We all Love You!!"

The Candids
Pool time with cousins


All and all, it was fun and filled with great moments

ps : Wonder who's Birthday to celebrate after this...heheh..

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