Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth Hour

Earth Hour is over, I believe many malaysians had participated well in the campaign.

As for my family, I had prepared a special dish for dinner. I made my first ever chicken grill. Actualy it was my first attempt in using the oven. It never been used since we purchased it right after moving in. Anyways it turned out OK. A bit overcooked on the outside but juicy and tender in the inside.

My early planning was to have a candle light dinner or maybe dining outside in the gazebo but none of it happen. Abang said it wasn't suitable for the children to have dinner in the dark and to have dinner outside was just too much. I guess the best thing was to be on the road during Earth Hour.

Well even though it didn't turn out as planned, we did go outside after dinner just to watch how the event was taken by the neighborhood. I could see few houses that used to have their outside light on every night was turned off that night. It was a good feeling to see how we as malaysian could take part in showing our concern and fight against global warming. After all it was for the good of our next generation, our children.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Weekend Outing

The kids were just recovering from flu and mile fever. It has been almost a month since we brought them out sightseeing. We didn't go very far though, afraid that Miqhail would feel uneasy due to his cold.

Actualy this is the second time that I took Miqhail out for a walk. He still not quite used to having to walk in a shoes. At first he didn't want to walk at all. Always wanted to take the shoes off. After a while he could walk a bit faster just because we kept waving goodbye to him for leaving far behind.

Abang persuading him to walk

Getting used to walk with shoes on

Not very long after that he started wandering around the mall not afraid of anything. I had a hard time catching up with his pace. He would stop at nothing. But once he got attracted to something, he would stop and stared for a long time.
Especialy when he met other babies that quite the same age. He would try to make contact with the baby like touching, pointing and at least smile at them. He would do this while mumbling as if the other baby could understand him.

Friday, March 13, 2009

New Job, New Challenge!

Well well what do you know!, it has been 2 years and 7 months since I left Nitto Denko which I had served for 6 long years. I never expect that it's time to leave IJM.

Another challenging carear coming my way and this time back with an Insurance company in Cyberjaya. I started my professional carear with an insurance company in the heart of KL named Malaysia Nippon Insurance for 2 years. And now I am given the opportunity to become the Lead System Administrator in Prudential Services.

Seiries of interviews attended since February 2009
1. 5th Feb - Lotus Notes Developer for Manulife Services
2. 9th Feb - Sat for the assesment test
3. 10th Feb - Received call from Manulife saying that my application is put under KIV (in other words, I didn't get it)
4. 24th Feb - Lead System Administrator for Prudential Services
5. 5th Mar - Second interview in Prudential Services
6. 12th Mar - Received call from Prudential saying that I got the offer!

I thank god for giving me this great carear path and I shall not take it for granted. I had worked for it and enjoyed from it. Hopefully I could cope with the new environment and manage all the tasks that I am put responsible, InsyaAllah.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Miqhail's favourite spot

These days I observed that Miqhail has a favourite spot in the house. Two spots actually, one is at the front door and another is at the cupboard.

Every day after fetching the children from the nursery, before I could close the front door, Miqhail would rush to it first. He would take out any shoes that he could find and try it out. No matter its a high heels or a flat slipper of his sister. Sometimes he even brings the shoes inside the house and walk all over the house.

Another favourite spot of his is the cupboard where I put all the bags after coming home from work. He normaly would go to this cupboard after I had closed the front door and he couldn't play with the shoes anymore. He would head for the bags instead. He would cleverly open the cupboard door and take out any bag that he lays his eyes on. Normally my red bag would be his target. There was a time when all my make up kit inside the red bag dropped on the floor and broke.