Friday, July 31, 2009

A Sad Sad Day for Someone

Last Wednesday, there was a fatal accident happened near the Prudential Entry. I don't know why but I really feel sad and down after the accident. Pilu sesangat...

The morning was drizzling so of course the traffic was damn slow. After an hour later I reached Cyberjaya, the time showing its almost 9.30am. Suddenly after reaching MMU, the traffic became slow again. It never jams in Cyber, so I thought to myself there must be an accident ahead.

I was right, there was an accident, a fatal one by looking at all the police cars and fire trucks. But I didn't see any ambulance so I guess there was no fatality. So I drove slowly and when I reached nearer I could see there were two vehicles involved. One is the Orange Gen2 the other is a black Iswara if I'm not mistaken.

Managed to snap some pictures from inside the car. Sorry kabur sket...

The Gen2 looks like it just been put out of fire

I drove ahead and parked safely in the Prudential parking lot. Got the bag and notebook and went outside back where the accident took place. Alang-alang dah lambat pun...biarlah lambat betul...
It was not a pretty sight as I got nearer and nearer to the Gen2. I could see that the Gen2 was empty and there was nothing much that the policemen and firemen did for the two cars. They were just controlling the traffic.
From looking inside an open door of the Gen2 I could see that the interior got all burnt out. Wondering if the driver could escape from the flame.

A close up of the Gen2

As I stood near these ladies, I noticed that they were sobbing and heard one of them saying "Kita biasa nak keta dia...dia tak pernah pun pandu lajukan...sob..sob". Hearing this I got the feeling that the ill fated driver could be a malay lady. It made me feel even more down that morning...

From this picture you can see the other car got onto the devider.

This lady was crying and talking on the phone. Bet she must be close to the driver.

That day in the office, I kept thinking of the driver of that Gen2, the driver of the other car is actualy a Prudential staff. A chinese lady, she broke her leg and got rushed to the hospital nearby.

Only later that evening I got the detail info from my office mate through Notes IM. She also got disturbed with the accident. It is true, the driver of the Gen2 was a 27 year old Malay lady working at the Cyber Lodge View. She died after couldn't get out of the burning car. She was trying to overtake a car infront of her and in the process the car skidded to the devider and causing the car to be out of control before hitting the Black Iswara. It thumbeled few times across the road and quickily caught on fire.

The sad thing is that she was still alive when the car was in flame. She couldn't open the front door so she slipped to the back seat. Still she got trapped in her own car. And yet nobody I mean nobody step in to help her. The road is always buzy with cars and somebody must have seen her striving for her life. But too damn scared to help. By the time the fire trucks reached the area, she was long gone. Leaving a husband and a 6 month old infant. My friend had known this by one of the witness herself. Whom feeling guilty of not giving a hand. Rasa cam nak nangis jer masa chatting tuh....orang depan pun tengok kita dok ler kesat-kesat air mata...

My friend also told me that the husband managed to come to the scene that morning. As I looked back at the pictures I took, there was one picture with a man sitting on the grass covering his face and looked like crying. This could be the husband of the Gen2 driver. I feel so sad for him....with the Ramadhan coming and then Hari Raya...It must be meaningless to him from now on...I just pray for him to be strong and continue taking care of the only thing that his late wife left behind..the baby.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Aina's Imagination

Last Wednesday evening, Aina told me that the teacher had given her homework. I thought to myself, that's new..homework in the middle of the week?

So I said, ok let's look at it. She took out just 1 piece of paper with empty boxes to fill in. It was an exercise to write the letters 'Sod' and 'Dhod' (the arabic letters). The first row, she needs to write following the dots, the rest of the rows, she needs to write by herself. She had a hard time writing the the letter by herself so I helped her out. It went like this..

Me : Ok, first Aina tarik atas, pastu tutup dia ...pastu buat ekor dia macam huruf 'Ba' tapi takder titik (ni 'sod' version aku).

I did the first one and asked her to do the second one. She did like I said, and after quite a number of attempts, she managed to do it, or so it seems almost like the letter.

After she got familiar with the letter 'Sod', so it's time to do the next letter 'Dhod'.

Me : Ok, Aina dah pandai buat 'Sod' ...sekarang buat 'Dhod' plak....senang jer ...macam 'Sod' jugak cuma Aina kena tambah titik kat atas dia.

Then one demonstration and left for her to finish it. She asked me to look at her while she demonstrate her 'Dhod'. I said ok..

Then she mutered slowly but loud enough for me and Abang who sat nearby to hear.

Aina : Ok...first naik atas, pastu tutup dia, pastu ekor dia macam 'Ba'.

Then she stoped for a while to think. I waited for her to put the dot on top.

Me : ha...pastu aper?

Aina : (After a while) Oh!!, 'Dhod' ni kat mulut dia ader satu gula-gula yer?

Hearing this, Abang and me couldn't help but laughed.

Where did thaattt come from?? Hahahaha!!

Ni lah 'Dhod' Aina yang ader gula-gula kat mulut dia...heheh

Imaginasi budak-budak....tak tinggal gula-gula dia tuh...tak kisahlah...janji dia ingat...

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Aina's Prayer Lesson

Date : 18/7/2009 (Sat)
Venue : Home Sweet Home

My dear Aina is 5 years old already and so I thought it’s time to give her a prayer lesson. I notice that nowadays she has been reciting out loud the surah which she had learnt at kindergarten and to my surprise she could remember it completely…of course without the Tajwid and all…she would recite as she heard it…I guess I could leave the tajwid behind for this early stage and only stress on it when she is 7.

She has been really concentrative and enthusiastic through out the teaching session. Even when I asked her to redo again and again. She’d done it happily. I’m so glad that she has the desire to learn how to pray and that she loves doing it. After the lesson finished about an hour later, she constantly watching the time and eager waiting for the Azan. And when the time comes, she would take the wudhu herself and put on the praying attire and pray. Once done, she would tell me that she wanted to qadha…(actually she just gave me a reason so that she could continue praying …heheh…My little Angle)

First - Baca niat dan basuh muka 3 times

2nd - Basuh tangan hingga ke siku

3rd - menyapu air ke kepala

4th - cuci telinga

5th - Basuh kedua belah kaki 3 times

Tak sempat nak pakai telekung...tak sabar2 nak solat...takut masa habis katanyer. Adiknyer tu konon2 jadik imam...

Solat dah habis pun imam tak berganjak lagi...canner?
Al Fatihah

Duduk Antara Dua Sujud
To Aina,
Mama harap anak mama akan sentiasa mendirikan solat dan menjadi anak yang solehah. My prayer is always with you my love. Mama and Abah LOVE you so much.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Miqhail's First Playground Experience

Date : 11/7/2009 (Sat)
Venue : Playground near home

Actualy I've been wanting to bring the children to the playground every weekend, but everytime got postponed due to unforseen matters. Last Saturday I got the chance. The weather was fine and the children are not down with fever or flu and Aina was overjoyed with the idea of going to the playground.

Last time I brought Miqhail in the stroller and this time he walked all the way there. How fast the time went by. Just love to watch the kids playing happily.

Aina couldn't resist to suck the honey from the flower. I used to do that also when I was a kid her age.

First see-saw ride (a bit scared at first)

His favourite, the slide

Back to the see-saw (it ain't scary anymore)

Trying out on a swing
Sure hope to be able to bring them here every weekend. Got to spare sometime from now on.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Transformers - Revenge of the Fallen

Date : 4th July 2009
Venue : TGV Sunway Pyramid
Time : 2 PM

I guess the last time I went to a movie was 2 years ago...the movie 'Eragon'....aint that such a long long time?.....

Well this time we managed to go for another movie. Transformers - Revenge of the Fallen. It is not always that Abang agrees to watching a movie....he's not a movie goers .... especially after having kids....heheheh...

Anyway, back to the movie...."Transformers"... Last time I checked it was a just a cartoon...which I used to enjoy during primary school...I guess children this era would only know the robots as real as a human being....and not just a 2D cartoon.

This is the first time Miqhail ever went to a movie...and third time for Aina....the day before the movie I told Aina we were going to a movie. The conversation went like this :

Me : Aina tomorrow we're going to see a movie, tengok wayang (just for the sake of translation), anak mama suka tak?
Aina : Ha? (with the shocked face), mama Aina tak nak tengok wayanglah...nanti masuk neraka.
Me : (A bit supprised with the reaction coz I thought she would love the idea). Naper plak nak masuk neraka? saper cakap tengok wayang masuk neraka?
Aina : Kawan Aina cakap Ma....kalau tengok wayang masuk neraka.
Me : Hmm....tak der lah...kalau aina tengok wayang dengan mama and abah...tak dosa
Aina : oohh...kalau tengok wayang sexy sexy dosa yer.... kalau dengan mama and abah tak dosa?
Me : Ha ah....tak dosa....(trying real hard to convince her)
Aina : Oklah.....Yesss nak tengok wayang!..Nak tengok wayang!
Me : Pheuh...

About the movie?, to me it is such a movie full of action, drama, great special effects and not forgeting the humour. I enjoyed it very much....out of 10, I give it 9.99 points. Lucky Miqhail didn't give us a hard time. Infact he slept all the way through out the movie. Aina? she managed to keep herself busy with the popcorn and coke and the staircase....together with some of the kids there....and only watched the big screen occasionaly...

Miqhail with his mouth full of pop corn

The first quarter of the movie, still got the concentration

After the movie is over, we went sight seeing inside the mall.

The toy shop, never fails to attract kids

Amazed with the litle cute moving monkey

Afraid of the big Teddy Bear...didn't dare to come close

Oopps...Spot another toy shop...

Aina wanted to try out this one...

At home, finally the last piece ....'mission completion!!!'