Friday, April 24, 2009

My Farewell Lunch

Date : 15th April 2009
Venue : Sri Pinang Restaurant

Last week was my final week in IJM Corporation Berhad. It has been over 2 years since I joined the company as the Software Executive and for the last couple of weeks of my working life in IJM I got so tied up with tasks pass down, meetings and final presentations.

Finaly I was released..pheuhhh!

So on the last day, they all treated me farewell lunch. Managed to snap some photos right before the speech...couldn't escape that one...huhuh

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Aina's 5th Birthday Celebration - Part 1


My little girl is now 5 years old. She is getting taller and matured every single day. Already can be relied on in terms of taking care of her brother when I am buzy in the kitchen. She is getting good at reading and pronouncing. Could count up to 100 and could tell the time as well. Guess that's a good progress for a 5 year old. I am so proud of her.

As for the celebration, we decided to have it at home. I prepared Nasi Ayam (her all time favourite dish) and Mee Kari. I am so glad that all of my family could join in. The event went smooth and loud...heheh...especially when all the children were here...

The preparation (Thanks to Liza and Faiz for the help)

The main dish - Nasi Ayam

Awaiting the arrival of Mak and Abah

To my girl,
I have watched you grow from a colicky baby to a fun loving toddler to the amazing 5 year old girld you are today. Every step of the way I have cherished you and your life. You will always be our pride and joy, we love you so much, may you grow up to be a good person at heart and always full of hapiness and bright future. Girl you are a blessing!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Parents' Future Home

New Home Sweet Home!

Mak and Abah had just purchased a property from IJM Land located in Shah Alam 2. Actualy the house is under Liza's name, my younger sister. So last week we all went there to see how big is the house and the yard.

As we arrived, I got a bit shocked and amazed with the size of the yard around the house. Oops! forgot to mention, its a corner lot type. Guess Mak and Abah have finally achieve their dream to live in a corner lot home. We spent almost an hour looking at all the areas inside and outside the house. Mak and Abah busy imagining and planning the renovation works that need to be carried out before they move in.

Mak : "Banyak barang kat umah tuh...kat mana nak letak yer...?"
Me : "Ala mak, mak kan pandai susun barang2 nih...dah pindah nanti datanglah idea tuh..."
Kak Ani (elder sis) : Ha ah mak tuh, umah mak kat sana lagi kecik dari rumah ni...tapi cantik jer mak nyusun barang..inikan plak umah dah besar...tol tak?
Me : Tiny laugh, ha ah..kan...

In another dialog
Abah : "Macam mana Hajah, kat sini kita letak Jakuzi, kat ujung tuh pasang gazebo"
Mak : "Hmm, ok..tapi I nak expand sikit dapur ni lah...nak buat bilik satu lagi untuk Arep...ok tak..?."
Abah : Expand sampai ujunglah...macam umah tu ...selamber jer dia expand sampai luar pagar..."
Me : Hai Mak Abah, dah buat planning untuk renovation dah....cepatnyer...
Abah : Mestilah...macam-macam idea datang ni...
That's my parents, so eager to move. I sure hope they get the key quick. I am so happy to see they are happy. Feel a bit sad though thinking about the house where I grew up. I had been living there for 17 years. I bet if I feel that way, Mak and Abah must have felt even more sadder. Anyway, things change for the good I believe.