Saturday, June 27, 2009

Report Card Event!

I remember like the old days when there was time to inform parents to come over to school and meet the teachers to sign the report card. It was that time and moment that I would make my parents proud of me...hehehe ...becoz I always gave good results and they would pad me on the shoulder and said "Pandainyer anak mak ngan abah nih" least until Primary School.

At Secondary School, there was no more report card and everything was by alphabet which my parents don't quite understand the calculation. And further more I was a big girl already and just trying to keep up a good grade.

Well enough talking about me. That is an old story...

Today I went to Aina's kindergarten to meet the teachers for the same purpose. Signing off report card and to know about my little girl's performance in class.

Once arived at the kindergarten, the teacher offered some food. So I and Aina sat on small chairs meant for the children and enjoyed the delicous laksa penang. I grabbed the chance to know more about the teachers. I got to know that one of the teacher is the same age as mine and she has 4 kids of her own and being taken care in the same kindergarten. How convinient to have work and at the same time having your kids with you all the time.

Then we went upstairs at the playschool room. Here the teacher showed me the report card and said that Aina has a good potential in class that she always pay attention especially when her good friend Aisya is around. I understand that Aina tends to read when Aisya reads, plays when Aisya plays and vice versa. It's like they are competing with each other. Which I think is a healthy competition.

Aina was asked to demonstrate to me on how she reads the book 1 and first she kind of shy to read in front of me, after a little persuasion she read on wonderfully. I didn't realize that she could read up to that extend because at home she never reads. I am so proud of her. In maths she is good in addition but yet not so in subtraction (Guess got to give her sometime to master addition first). She also read the Iqraq book 1. Just like reading, Iqraq is also using the phoniq methode which I think is a faster way of reading compared to the old days.

At the computer session, I am told that they are using the software called Smart Educare. Aina showed me this software and I think it is good. It teaches on the shapes and sizes and colours and comparison so on and so forth. Its good to have one installed at home.

Well in general Aina's performance is a bit advance for her age. By looking at the performance chart on the wall, Aina is the first 5 year old student to have reached book 2.

Keep it up honey!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

My New Routine


I remember the last time I ever went for an aerobic session was 6 years ago, when I was single…trying to get in shape right before the wedding day heheeh (talking about last minutes preparation). Well….now as a mother of two, I guess I really need to stay into shape…since I am a woman who LOVES eating….huhuhu…

I used to be very actively working out in a staff gym back in IJM…but now in Prudential there is no such facility…Darn!

Fortunately there is one in Putrajaya!…under KBS (Kementerian Belia dan Sukan)…Yess!…Finally I could do something to balance up my eating habits… I am very pleased as the gym is very well equipped with cardio machines, single and multi stations, free weights and a lot more…and did I tell you that it’s FREE!!…Yup it’s free alright…Just walk in, deposit your IC to the counter and the gym is yours…as simple as that… And to top up the excitement, is the Aerobics session held every Friday during lunch break… I go there with my ex-class mate whom working in Putrajaya…The aerobics sessions are of different steps every week, which is good!…it prevents participants from getting bored of the same old steps…There are aerobics dances, (eg. Hindi Dance, Cowboy Dance, Malay Dance…and last week there was a cheeky dance…hehehe…so cheeky that everybody laughed through out the music) I really appreciate what the Government has done in making sure that Malaysian always live a good lifestyle and stay fit.

Here's some of the photo I snap right before the aerobics session...for ex-itm mate....notice the lady in red t-shirt and black shawl?

Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Kids' New Hobbies

Aina's new hobby

Ever since I started my Tudung Business, she would help me in folding, packing and of course modelling....heheh.. so every now and then she will take one of mine, stand infront of the mirror and try it out as many ways she knows.

Miqhail's new hobbies

Nowadays I realized that he has developed 2 hew hobbies.

1. Playing with water.
Everytime I open the door he would run out straight to the mini waterfall. He would play with it until he got soaking wet. Last time there was 2 fishes inside and he would try to catch em with his bare hands. Now that there is none, he would just play with the water that flowing down the pond. There was one time that he slipped and got into the pond head first. Fortunately my eyes were always at him and quickly I ran and got him. The incident never stop him from playing with it the very next day.

And taking a bath is another happy time for him. He would play with an empty pale, filled it with water and splashed it all over.

2. Writing

Well this is a very good one. He likes to help in her sister's homework....he'll take her pen or pencil and a piece of paper and write on it. The first time I saw him doing this I was a bit supprised looking at the way he held the pensil in his hand correctly. And it is confirmed that he is lefthanded.

Sleepy but still wanna write

Couldn't take it anymore and dozed off

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Barber's Corner

Kinda late entry actualy but yet still fresh ...

Aina's hair has gotten a bit too long, actually it is not a problem with me. I always wanted her hair to grow long and beautiful. However, she didn't like to tie her hair. Everytime I tie her hair nicely, after some time she would take it off again. huhu..

So finally I decided to cut her hair to make it neat and simple but yet cute....

First Attempt : Went to Shah Alam Complex ('Manja' Barber shop), Aina's favourite barber. A young Malay lady (forgot the name already). She's very nice. Unfortunately, she was off that day only left a handsome gentleman ready with scisors in his hand. Aina didn't want to cut her hair unless the lady does it. Mission Aborted!!

Second Attemp (First Session) : Went to parents' house for usual weekend visit. Fortunately my younger sister Atika who has a bit of talent in cutting hair was there too. So I kinda took advantage of her and asked her to cut the kids' hair for FREE....hehehe....what a nice big sister eh..

Miqhail couldn't wait to get it finished so he can move around

Third Attempt (Second Session) : Went back home town and their granny gave a piece of her talent in cutting hair....Actualy she's realy good in this also....

Another boring time

Taking a bath to get rid of loose hair

There you go, a new look (Short, Neat and Cute)