Thursday, October 29, 2009

Majlis Kesyukuran

Tarikh : 17 Oktober 2009
Tempat : Rumah Baru Mak Abah

Setelah genap 1 bulan 4 hari Parents dan adik-adik berpindah ke rumah baru, maka pada tanggal 17 Oktober (eceh)…Majlis Kesyukuran (in other words House Warming) pun telah selamat diadakan…..

Let the pictures tell the story ok….layannnn

Sedang menunggu majlis bermula

Special cuppies from my sister (Homemade ok). Cuppies ni antara pemberian tuan rumah kepada rombongan marhaban

Adik2 bujangku

Kakak sulungku, anak2nyer dan pembantu rumah sekali...

Rombongan Marhaban specially imported from Taman Sri Muda

My preggy sister

Cucu Mak Abah paling muda....Baby Arida

Sempat bersenamrobik budak2 nih....

Kitorang dok celebrate birthday Baby Arida yang kedua tahun sekali....Ala2 dah berkumpul tu kan...

That's all folks..

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mummy_Ayu Giveaway @ 1st Birthday Moment

Hai...banyak tol giveaway yang best2 dianjurkan nak ujung2 tahun ni...tak menang tangan rasa nyer...ahaks...tapi tak per...demi mencuba nasib disamping menambahkan bloglist...apa2 pun sangguuuuppp...

Giveaway ni dianjurkan oleh Mommy Ayu

Untuk ke link contest klik sini yer

Oh yer ....hadiah juga disponsor oleh Notti Nettii...selain Mommy Ayu sendiri

seperti biasa syarat-syarat penyertaan:-

1. Jadi follower Mummy Ayu & add Mummy Ayu dalam bloglist (Dah)
2. Tepek banner contest nie kan side bar kenkawan... (Dah)
3. Lagi bagus kalu buat sticky mode entry..senang nak jengah nanti.
4. The most important things....tepek kan gambar waktu baby tu
celebrate her/his 1st birthday..
tak kisah la kat mana, macam mana...
janji nampak baby tu ngan kek.... (Dah)
5. Terbuka kepada kanak kanak di bawah 4 tahun
(so..maksudnya gambar 4 tahun yang lepas pun diterima...)
6. Masukkan nama penuh kanak kanak, tarikh lahir plus
cita la cikit cikit pasal her/his 1st bithday celebration tu... (Dah)
6. Tarikh contest nie...dari la nie (sekarang)
until my princess nya birthday 10 November 2009
7. Hadiah biarla rahsia but satu je leh kasi tau
my bestest friend dah agree nak jadi one of the penaja
so..satu lagi syarat tambahan..kena link ngan blog Notti Netti &
of coz link jugak ngan blog Mummy Ayu
(tak de link direject) (Dah)
8. Tinggalkan link entry kenkawan kat komen box nie.. (Dah)
9. Pemenang akan dipilih oleh para juri Mummy Ayu
(no undi undi...) ok!

So ni lah gambar 1st Birthday my little boy

Nama : Miqhail bin Mohd Noor Azmi

Tarikh Lahir : 14 November 2007

Birthday disambut pada keesokan harinyer 15 November 2008, sebab hari itu hari persandingan kira nak tumpang khemah kawin ler.. .....nampak gempak sket....hahaha....birthday boy yang dok atas meja tuh...

Sekarang pun tengah mood birthday celebration...sebab my little Miqhail is going to be 2 years old real soon....cepat tol rasa.....

Ok..itu jer...hope you like it...

PS : Happy Birthday to your baby girl!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Back to Mother Nature

Date : 10th October 2009 ~ 11th October 2009
Venue : Kuala Lipis & Raub Pahang

3rd Week of Raya….I missed 1 open house invitation…huhuh…complaining the company for organizing this event in the middle of Raya Month….little that I know that I was going to embark into the Beauty, Adventurous and Challenging life of the wilderness….Back To Mother Nature.

I am an urban girl who doesn’t even have a hometown (ok ..a bit exaggerate there…alright…now I have..hubby’s)….life is full of datelines and high expectation from some big shots of the company… Participating in this event was an eye opener and ease of mind. Tiring but yet exiting. Even for only 2 full days….

Here are the agendas and shots taken...enjoy!!!

Saturday Morning 6am, all set and ready to go to Cyberjaya It hub where all participants gather before the start of the journey

At home....sempat lagi posing depan hubby...heheheh

Arrived at the Kuala Lipis Plaza Hotel at about 11 am (lucky we didn't have to sleep in the jungle hahaha)

A light strech after the long ride....

The lead facilitator ....Lee Zen....handsome guy eh

The rest of the facilitator team....oh ya the lady and the cocasion guy are husbands and wifes

First Agenda : Brainstorming Session (a bit borriinngggg....lucky it took 1 hour only....pheeeuhhh)

By the way, this is Keng Woon .... my superior...nice and chubby ....

All the boring faces....eager waiting for the next agenda...Lunch

Finally....wanna see the food..


Ok, it's not like we have to hunt for out food's totally imposible....

Next Agenda : Kampung Slickers

Move together in a team of 5 people to get answers for a set of questions....we had to walk around the town to find em. And it was raining...we were all soaking wet....but I liked it...u know walking in the rain...not every day we can do that.

The other team...all different colour of rain coat....hahhaha

We all came back safely with the answers...well some of the team didn't get to bring back a live spider....all the pet shops have run out of it....i guess the other team grabbed it first.

Next Agenda : We played a small game (forgot the name already)...well it is like 'teka aksi'...

This is for the film Shoulin Soccer...hahaha..the way they acted on it was so cute and funny...

Next Agenda : Night Trust Walk

This was also fun and a bit scary....

After this we had a supper and called it a day...

The next morning, right after breakfast...and checked out...

A light exercise and streching before we started the journey to Raub...every single person had to demonstrate a workout step for everybody to follow....well this was mine...

After we had arrived to Raub....the journey continued with the next agenda...the ever waiting 4W Bumpy Ride...

Wooowww..this was awsome....and because of the safety, each jeep carried 2 girls (1 at the passenger seat, the other at the back) while the rest were if they could protect the I sat at the much fun there....

Jut look at the jeep climbing

Right after we reached the top...we were asked to group and look for food...(which they had hidden earlier)

We had to look up and down for the food....just look at where they hid it...on top of the tress....crazy isn't it

Then the next agenda...Cook Out Session...we had to prepare lunch with the food that we managed to collect...huhu

Tukang jaga kari...hahaha

When your stomach is grawling....Sardine looks so appetizing....hmmmm..yummyyy

While the girls were preparing for lunch....the guys were decorating the hut to place all the food

Me frying the hot dog

Eating time!! turned out very well...

After we enjoyed the was time to head for the waterfall.....because of the place could only be reached via a it is very much undisturbed and totaly refreshing...

The water was so cold.....but it was ok once you get your whole body in the water....

Time to depart...we had so much fun....

Taking picture with Lee Zen...Cik Abang jangan jeles yer... siap pegang bahu tuh...

Back to reality...That's all folks