Friday, October 21, 2011

Cara mudah sediakan Telur Rebus

Cooking hard boiled eggs can be a hassle because you have to

kor hui ( taking care of fire ) or kor chui ( taking care of water ).

A friend, KS, was so kind to share this method of cooking the eggs whereby you don't have to worry whether they are over-cooked or under-cooked.

1) Place two pieces of tissue paper inside the rice cooker and sprinkle them with water.

2) Put in the eggs..

3) Close the lid and press "Cook" button.

4) Wait till the button jumps up. When it does,


Do not leave them too long inside the rice cooker after cooked ...

only do so if you prefer a harder egg yolk.

5) The eggs are ready. 

The speed is faster than using ordinary boiling method.

This is because the water sprinkled on the tissue will turn into steam

and compressed inside the rice cooker to cook the eggs. You can peel

the egg shells off very easily. The egg yolks will turn out just nice, not too dry.

And the best part is -you don't have to do any washing nor cleaning at all.


eB said...

u dh try ker? cam best jerk. tq :)

*∽ IZAN ∽* said...

menarik gak idea nih

Aleyn said...

Belum gi....tapi cam takut gak nak try...takut x cukup air ...satgi kering terbakar lak...heheh

Aleyn said...

Ko try la Zan....pastu inform jadik ke dak...ekeke

~izan~ said...

ha ah la kak,nmpk cam mcm akak kata,takot xcukup air,terbakor huhu

Aleyn said...

Kannn...satgi x pasal2 lak

sHi Ma said...

aleyn lum cuba yekk.. tggu aleyn cuba dulu lah.. huhuhu...

ajumohit said...

biasa rebus jek kan, emm blehla try nnti heheheh

Aleyn said...

Dah cuba dah...baru tadi...satgi kita buat entry ek

Aleyn said...

Bleh..dah try dah...tak bahaya pun