Friday, November 26, 2010

Aina Graduation Ceremony


Date : 14th November 2010
Venue : Naluri Bestari Kindergarten - Kota Damansara

Aina had completed her kindergarten era with the Sweetest Convocation and the
Best Award -

"Overall Excellent Achievement'

Picture tells a thousand words...have fun VIEWING!!

We arrived at the school at 7.30 am...straight away brought Aina to the allocated dressing room near the main stage

Aina in the Dressing Room

While Abang and Miqhail waited outside

The Stage

The Day started up with all students lined up before parents and audiences

Student Performance

1) 10 Little Ducklings by 4 year olds
2) Twinkle Twinkle Little Star by 4 year olds

3) Agogo Dance by 5 year olds
4) 1 Malaysia Dance by 6 year olds of Kota Damansara Branch

5) Cheeky Dance by 5 year olds
6) Papa Ku Pulang Dari Kota by 4 year olds

7) Aci Aci Buka Pintu by 5 year olds
8) Dikir Barat by 6 year olds of Kota Damansara Branch

9) Deklamasi Sajak by 5 year olds
10) Fun Dance by 5 and 6 year olds
11) Que Sara Sara by 6 year olds of Kota Damansara Branch

Aina's Performance

1) My Happy Family Drama - Aina played as a little sister playing with dolls

Ended with the song of Barney 'I Love U'

And they hugged....ooohhh...soooo touching...

2) Nasyid - Sepohon Kayu
Aina so cute wearing tudung....terserlah pipinyer...hehehe

3) Malay Dance - Gadis Melayu
See how fast she twist hehehe...

4) Rasa Sayang Hey - Wanna see Aina Singing and Pantun?..

5) Auld Lang touches my heart when ever I hear this reminds me of the last moment together with my old friends in primary school coz we did sing the same old song...huhu

Miqhail was waving at her sister...

There was a Draw in the middle of the performance...

But I didn't get it...huhu


The most awaited agenda of the Day...THE AWARD GIVING

1) 4 year olds getting their gifts from the Head Mistress

2) Followed by 5 year olds

Award for Overall Excelent Achiever

"Calling Aina Azrin Binti Mohd Noor Azmi to the stage to receive the award!!"...

Oh ...I was really suprised...she was among some 7 students to receive it. Again she made me proud...

She received an Adoro Educational Stationery Set

My Graduated Daughter

Aina with her teacher...she is her favourite...

All graduates receive a backpack....

End of ceremony...everyone was invited for a free lunch...heheheh...

A close up to all the gifts she received

The backpack...since this is a gift, somehow she loves it very much and said that she wants to use it when school starts...I guess I don't have to buy her a Barbie school bag after all...

The Stationery Set

This one from me...home made Drawing Block

This one from her Mak Andak



She had done a Great Job in Kindee...hopefully she'll continue doing the Best in her Life ...




b.r.u.t.a.l.s.o.l.o said...

letih melayan bebudakni

Aleyn said...

Memang kan...tapi sangat happy tengok gelagat diorang

Lady of Leisure said...

wahh now ni ada graduation bagai, nape masa kita dulu takde pun hehe

Aleyn said...

Kannn...siap pakai jubah lagi...

Rakesh said...

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