Friday, November 12, 2010

Aina's 1st Camping Activity


A couple of weeks ago, Aina undergone her 1st ever camping activity... means she had to sleep over at her kindergarten together with friends and teachers..... and most importantly without Mom n Dad...

The letter

Preparing stuffs to bring for the camping...including blanket, pyjamas, telekung, prayer mat so on so forth...

The activity was called 'Fun Night Camp' by Tadika Naluri Bestari. To me it was great to have your kids to join such activity at a very young age. After all, the main objective of the camping was to develope courage and to boost self esteem of these young kids before they embark in the real schooling phase of their lives.

By 6pm, parents started sending their kids to the nursery...See all the backpacks...

Me and Aina...I was holding my tears back ...didn't want Aina to see me crying..uhuk..

It went well too, ok I admit there was a bit tears dropping moment by ME especialy the when I said goodbye and left her to spend the whole evening there. On the contrary, Aina didn't cry but she did look a bit sad though.

Anyway, the camping was filled with fun activities, which is wonderful coz it kept the children buzy but yet happy. Altogether there was 30 six year old kids (including Aina) and 15 teachers to look after them. Fair enough 2 kids : 1 teacher in ratio.

The agenda

Ok, enough said...lets take a look at the pictures....camping pics were taken by the headmistress on my special request...heheh ...thank you Cikgu Sham...

Having BBQ Dinner

Maybe they were having a small game ....donno what was the girl doing at this point...exercising?, dancing? or worse Crying???

Aina, are you missing Mama at this point?...huhu..

Aina and her BFF Aisyah

The morning activity, 'Kinder Cooking'

Game of Musical Chair

The Cert

The results from 'Kinder Cooking' activity...4 delicouse blueberry muffins

2 yummy doughnuts

Result from 'Art and Craft' activity

Oh ya, need to mention here as a milestone of Aina's Progress. Since the camping, she had started to sleep in her own wonderful isn't it?....even though she would sneak up to our room in the middle of the night (if she got awaken from her sleep) but it's OK....sometimes I miss cuddling her to sleep too...hehehe...

Aina in her bedroom..

That's about all...
Tomorrow Aina is going for Standard 1 Orientation and she needs to under go the exam to determine which class she'll be in...hopefuly she'll pass with flying colours...InsyaAllah...

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